An imaginative time machine

Time presses forward. It cares not for that we, as individuals, bear the anchor of history. A desire to preserve is unavoidable. It is hard to discard the labour of many years, even the fruitless endeavours want to live forever. That is a heavy burden. Those that cannot let go will find themselves drowning in their memories.

Here is a collection of things which can presently be preserved, but which I will not likely ever revisit. Some may still be enjoyable or informative. There are always other things lying around, but I don't feel like spending too much time on recovering memories.

These are collections of poems and short stories that I wrote. I used to write a lot of such things.
The fake aliens and their crazy language
Tracks of Creation
One of the first internet music magazines which I did while I was in University (and a few years thereafter).
haXe / dhlib
I did a lot of work in Flash using haXe.
Testing Wiki
I had started writing a series of articles on software testing here.