Up Until Winter 1997

It's been a while since I last put something up on this site. I'm back now with yet another diverse collection of offerings, some of which you can expect to see again in the future..

Sorrow & Despair
Corner Of 8th Ave & 9th St. Aria Short Story
Oblivious Imagination's End Poem
Three Pains Aria A poem of suicide
Beyond The 7th Ed Stal A disturbing poem
A Bad Feeling Neil St.Laurent Less than happy poem

Ed Stal vs. Aria
The Embrace Of A Goddess Aria Poem, Aria's perception of love
May I Love You Once Again? Ed Stal Poem, Ed Stal's perception of love

Standard Religious Outrage
Know The Pledge Ed Stal Do you know what you believe?
Hanging From The Cross Ed Stal Damn that sword!
With My Sword Ed Stal Another Sword!

Love & Beauty
Godless Aria Godless beauty
Fly With Me Aria Serenity?
An Apple Aria A poem of love
(Untitled) Aria Another poem about love

Special Picks
X. Saviour Imagination's End Verse/Prose, A [partially mental] adventure
For Hire, One: The Club Ed Stal Story, The first installment of stories about a group of brutal killers
Realms (The Entrance) Imagination's End Long poem of a journey through one's mind to find another

The Last Something Or Other Ed Stal A carnivorous killer
Lust & Desire Pt.1 Ed Stal Better buy an iron door...
From Outside Ed Stal Acts of murder from the view outside
Dance With Me Ed Stal Poem (not that gory)

Cold Hard Slumber Ed Stal Poem, war from the eyes of a soldier
(Untitled) Ed Stal A poem about war possibly?
Eternal Bliss Ed Stal Possibly offensive
No Remorse Ed Stal Originally written for a song

Almost Miscellaneous
Living Imagination's End Are you living?
I Am Sick Ed Stal Am I sick?
Supreme Death Ed Stal Poem of mankinds hatred and disbelief
Silhoette Demon Aria Poem
A Nation At Hand Imagination's End Poem

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