Summer / Fall 1997

I write to offend the weak and to induce emotions in the strong. I don't necessarily believe what I write, nor do I always stand by my words.

"I pray that my creator made others like me,
I ask of my watcher to keep the different ones away,
and I request of my keeper safety from those that would hurt me."

Perception & Reality

Everybody views the world in different ways. Who are you to dictate what I see? And who am I to project a different vision? No reality nor perception is inherently bad, yet they are all flawed.


I'm never asked whether my writing comes from true feelings I have. More often than not people assume that they do. While I won't say that is entirely incorrect, there is no possibility that one individual could really be so fucked up.


While these could very well be contained in one of the other two sections I felt they'd best be separated. One will notice that these I use my own name for, it shouldn't be tough to figure out why.

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