For Those Who've Loved Me


Cold as steel your hands reach for me,
so icy cold it burns wherever you touch,
you don't understand the agony,
so I smile and relax not to scare you,
yet the burn ran deep to my bone,
and your kiss sucks the life out of me,
so far to be alone now there can be none.

Precarious as a cliff is your will to listen,
you can't understand that which I do not tell you,
and I don't know if you could hear the truth,
so I continue to divulge lies and stories,
hoping that I'll feel closer to you,
and wanting some of the pain to go away,
yet alone as much as I've been, that I forever shall be.

Firm, as if in anger, you take my hand,
and force me to dance with you,
I may have asked but I wished you said no,
for every step or shuffle makes me more distant,
bare are my feet on this field of broken glass,
your breath in me is asbestos to my lungs,
damned is I who'll never not be alone.

Deceptively you came closer and hooked your grasp,
that tender embrace is a vice to me,
you don't know anything about who I am,
yet still you manage to betray,
take all that I've said to use against me,
I apologize and yet you try to destroy me,
you say you love me and watch me suffer,
and tell me that I'd be better if I were alone.

For all those who've said they loved me,
did you really even give a damn,
my wounds are fresh and dripping with blood,
yet you pulled me close and held me,
ignoring the infernal screams of pain,
you didn't stop to consider that I was a lie,
I'd only ever been there for you,
you didn't care to know enough to help me,
so the first time my mind slip away,
you abandoned me without saying goodbye,
why should I ever want to love again?

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