This one has been reworked somewhat by Vlad, and it is extremely old.


--Imagination's End

On the edge of the world,
you may be able to find something
in your thoughts that beckons to you...

This is not the emptiness that you know, nor is it everything that you may have dreamed; for here lies only a tiny pond, surrounded by looming trees. It's crystalline waters sparkle in the sunlight that filters from far above the foilage. There is no sound, even your footsteps fall silently on the mossy shore which surrounds the pond. You can't help but to take a small drink of this, the purest of all water.

But where is that which beckons to you. It's hidden deep within, and the more you taste these waters the more you crave their glacial smoothness. The level lowers... Until one day, all your thoughts and dreams will have drained this tiny pond. Do not fret at this thought, for there remains a gift at the bottom.

It's shape is unique to yourself, and only you will be able to see it. Use whatever object appears to you. At this time you will not be sorry for what you have done. You have opened a doorway, one to another world. Deep within this world lies a richer pond. One without bounds, and at the middle a great fountain bubbles. Drink the waters and feel greatly refreshed. Take notice that the fountain is quick to replenish what you drink.

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