Tranquil and Serene

Very very short stories about tranquil, serene, touching, etc...

Timeless Epoch

One might ask how we will know when the time comes. To this I can only answer that one will just know. I can't exactly explain why you will know, but you will, you can trust me on this. For once it does arrive everything you know will suddenly relate to this time. Everything you know now, everything you once knew, and everything you will know.

Please don't get concerned that you will miss this time. I said before, you will know when the time arrives. Try not to concern yourself with this exact time, it is truly not important. Just keep your heart you are, who you were, and who youi ever will be. Once the time has arrived you will be unsure of what to do, but you will know what to do. Be careful not to contradict yourself, for you may be left to be forever unsure. That is of course if it is not the end...

You must stop concerning yourself with how you will know. I said you will know and that is that. Just open your life like a book. Start anywhere, for the middle may be the beginning and the beginning may be the end. I can say for sure that you will be unable to find the end, but if you do come to the end, you had better keep reading. Don't analyze what you read and see, only what you already know. You may stop to look around, but I can sure there won't be anything to say...

Oh, what, oh yes, I guess I did say there would be nothing to say. So you really want to know what it will be like when the time arrives. I guess if it is so important to you I can let you know. The sky will be blacker than the darkness of light, yet the silouettes of moons will be easily to see. Your shadow will still fall onto what appears to be a solid rock ground. Either you will be on a high pedstal looking down into forever, or the plain rock ground will extend forever in all directions. There will be a light breeze whispering in your ear, yet there will be no sound, none at all. If you try to speak it will forever echo, yet there will be no reply. It may start to become cold, a deep freezing sensation will come over you. Then the illusions will start.

What kind of illusions you ask. Well the only ones that can ever exist. From your past and your future they will surround and haunt you for the duration of your visit, and forevermore. You cannot ignore them, for you have already taken part and asked for them upon yourself.

No, I'm afraid you cannot escape this inevitable fate of all mankind. It will come , trust me again on this. You cannot be prepared, yet you cannot be illprepared, so don't worry too much about it right now, otherwise it may come prematurely and never go away.

Oh, you would like to know how to make it end. The answer is simple, yet it will be the hardest thing you have ever had to answer, or ever will.

Don't be afraid, just embrace it as it comes along.

Yes you will know it, I swear.

Don't worry.

A Wind Blows

A wind blows gently over the land. The grass sways. The tree atop the hill brings back memories of a time long ago. I feel that I should have never left that time. I see myself during that time. Carefree, innocent, and ignorant of what awaited.

We built a house in that tree, not a real house, just a small treehouse. Every day after school we would run out to the tree, and we didn't return until very late. I remember the weekend we built a swing from that tree; arguements arose because there was only one. We decided to take it down.

Every Friday and Saturday night the three of us spent in that treehouse. We would talk about the normal things, like school, tv, etc. But we discussed much more. From relating the experiences of our first kisses to discussing the meaning of life, the latter of which we never could quite figure out.

We grew older, but never apart. Our discussions grew with us, becoming more mature yet still adhering to the same topics. The bonds between us could not be stronger, we were each others life.

A day came when I received a phone call. My now only dearest friend told me a horror we could not bear. That night the two of us met at the treehouse. A part of us was gone, as if we ourselves had been taken away. We could not bear to be there without our other, so we vowed to never return there.

We lived our lives close, but it was never the same as before. We never shared our deepest thoughts and dreams. It seemed like from that night on we only shared reality. We both knew that sometime in the future that time would come again, when there would be only one. That though haunted us, the fear was rooted deep, and was so strong I could swear it prolonged our life.

Now I sit, on a hill two hills away from the house. I am the only one. My time will soon be here. I must now decide whether to pay a final visit to the treehouse. I can hear the wind whisper to me. Now I realize, I cannot return to the treehouse, for if I do I may find the answer to the question that the three of us together never could.

- Imagination's End

The Waiting

I remember the first time he called my name. I set my eyes on his, and he onto mine. He was all that mattered to me, my life, my hope, all for the one of he. I would do anything for him, we were made for each other. I could not imagine anything better than this.

The bond could not be broken. This was true love, in all respects of the term. Over seas, at home, and in pain, this love transcends all that I do. I read his work, I tried to understand all aspects of him. He gave me everything in return.

And now after spending our life together we can face eternity together also. But where is he now. He has abandoned me. I should have seen it when my child died. He would not be there when I needed him. I did everything for him, no he gives me nothing in return. As my time is approaching, at the age of 43, I cannot help but wonder where he has deserted me to. Now that I think about it I'm not sure he ever did anything for me. I wish I had never loved that man, for my life being devoted to him has caused myself to wither away. I'm now sad that my life was wasted for somebody who didn't care, maybe it is because he was never truly with us at all.

- Aria


For the thoughts that I have had have been what I have never seen. The images presented before my eyes are not what I should be lead to know. This world has been given away to the desire to be undiscovered and left unknown. The words have been printed that comply with humanity and conflict with reality. One bows to the others that portray their humanity, and scream and shudder at those who portray themselves. Insignificant are those who dare to believe, who dare to imagine things not known, or who dare to listen to themselves.

It has come to me, this one final thought, before I retreat to the masses. My mind has been telling me over and over again to stay within myself and try to be serene. Blend in and fade out of the picture is what I am told to do. No I sit atop this large hill and stare across the fornever below. In the distance I can see a few other hills. They are being dug away quicker than I can see them rising.

I fear the next time the clouds lower, for in the fog I cannot see what they are doing. May they be digging, may they be building, maybe I shall leap from my hill...

I shall never close my mind. I will forever be here fighting the destroyers and aiding the builders. My life is not meant to be alone, I am here to form a group of those that shall not be a group. I await the year when I can look up and see people besides drones. It is this final thought that keeps me going. For this is truly my only thought, calm and pleasant it may seem, but it is what has caused me stress and pain, yet all for my eternal pleasure. This is the final thought that I do hold, for if I let go, I fear I will cease to exist.

- Imagination's End

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