Enter Utopian Dancing Angels

-- Imagination's End

*Written entirely while listening to "Celestial Journey II: The Legends of Space & Ambient Music", possibly the most joyous music of the genre I've ever encountered.

A thousand years past the slumber,
Beyond the stars and cosmic expanse,
Worlds with a wonder to dream about,
Growing golden plant-like beings,
Steadfast in the silver ground.

A new year turns and the sun shines blue,
Crimson chaos churning dreams anew,
Satin sheets sustain yearning sleep,
Clouds without thunder in the morning light,
Waded through a winter night.

It was a summer without a season's end. The warm crisp evening air existed beyond daylight's barrier long into the dark, yet luminous night. Dew sat on the grass throughout the world's rotational journey and the beaches tide differed within no more than an hour's walk. Gentle breezes whisped through tall grass and the meadow's pond held a crystalline undisturbed surface.

[ "Years had passed and I wonder why,
I left this place for another world,
and I look back..." ]

Celestial being swung gently on the porch chair staring deeply at the ensuance drawing near. Fabled avians, white and sleek played casually on the wooden deck. Unguided rodents streak across dimlit lawns, wrestling themselves and giving what could be remembered as laughter. All while sipping drinks exquisite with bare feet upon the floor.

[ "Upon the starlight heavens,
A singular purple glowing pulsar,
Beckoning every day I live away..." ]

Sweet etible gluttony a tree away,
Smiling chilrden circle platinum rocks,
Rising fragrance from colored flowers,
Indefinitely the band play on,
Enter utopian dancing angels:

"Gift achieved, welcome us again,
into your land, your home,
and unfaulterd existance.
A time is to arrive in many years,
Kind sustainers are in ailing times,
We shall ask of you to wipe away the tears."

Contented era now passes into desired reprise,
Those that have risen from turbulence,
Unsalted are they, teardrops land on smiles pure,
Breaching none but patching unholy happiness,
Chosen as such to leave their earth behind,
Travel distances unbelieved to humankind,
Arrive in tranquil serenity, their Elysium fields.

And for the one that walks the earth alone,
Can they uncover kinship and unfettered survival,
Return the lost to their destined land,
Recover the stolen to its rightful place,
Lend a hand of love guiding back to their home.

"I dreamed a thousand years,
I knew the sky better than I knew the ground,
To travel forever I would never make a sound,
Untilted passion for those that I seek,
Perverse the desire for my home not to be near,
Now its everything that I hold so dear."

Long time unburdoned by the desolate fear,
Struggling harder to benefact those that deserve,
A time that almost feels too lonely,
Is broken by a faint light through bedroom window...

"My tears turned to joy, as though almost I had beckoned it, an angel's hand reaches out to me and tells me it is time to come home."

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