And the world grew dark and cold


Please don't answer me. Now I bow, now I know, time to kill, and a time to show. Shoulder the burden, my weak neck may now snap. Deathly echoes through the empty halls. Please don't answer!// Rip these pins from my soul, release my mind to the unknown. Gouge from me my eyes and severe away my tongue. Let the blood flow, through the cracks on the hardwood floor. Plunge the scalpel into my chest and carve away my heart, and all that is contained within. Please don't answer me!// I cannot believe the fear thou has created in me, one an all. Execrate my soul and banish me to be purged. I sign this aquisition so you may now take my hands away, relive me of my strength and let me burn in the fires they instigate. Now may be the time, but please don't answer me!// I look at these barren walls. Side to side sit maimed bodies. Eyes cut out or eyelids sewn shut. Labotomized and gagged the determinant stands and waves the instrument before them.// So as I make my final stand, already ripped from limb to limb. I beg of this one final thing. Pleae God don't answer me!

- Ed Stal
And I often sigh/I often wonder why/I'm still her and I still cry//And I often cry/I often spill a tear/OVer those not here/But still they are so dear//Please ease my burden//And I still remember/A memory and I weep/In my broken sleep/The scars they cut so deep//Please ease my burden//Please ease my pain//Surely without war there would be no loss/Hence no mourning, no grief, no pain, no misery/no sleepless nights missing the dead... Oh, no more/No more war

-Sleepless by Anathema on their Serenades albums
It all began with the shade of what we never thought existed. The vision of the distorted views was no longer an illusion. It was the plain and bitter truth. My divination that I never dreamt was now to become. The pseudo silence and all I have unseen. Life is a darkened silent barricade between all I am an ever wanted to be.

-From "across the fields of forever" by Edge of Sanity (The Spectral Sorrows album)

I stand there waiting, waiting for what is to come. I have heard the prophecies, I have heard the words. I understood more than one could imagine. My warning was not taken to heart, and they did not understand. This is the world we had, and now it is gone. The visions danced in my mind, as I portrayed them to all. "Hear my warning, for the end is real." And the laugh and continue to lose their way. Had only my words been stronger, for the prophecies did not need to be.// Lose my mind, lose my existance, be damned to live this way.// And from the stand a few are walking, it is them I shall join. Looking back at the eternal nothingness, stumbling over the rocks that lie before me. Should we be helping them, should I make them understand. It's not my destiny, nor of any my kind.// Walk from your mind, walk into the mirror, be damned to live that way.// One more year, one more love lost into the emptiness. The thoughts are gone, the reality still exists, we must keep moving. It's about time we left them behind.

- Imagination's End

Glistening,/ on a pool of blood,/ your face does shine,/ into mine eyes.// Reflecting,/ images on the mirror,/ an endless gaze,/ from the beyond.// Dancing,/ on the broken glass,/ shattered on the floor,/ by mine hand.// Grasping,/ your hand in mine,/ as we fall forever,/ in eternal love.

-- "Glistening" - Aria
The pain cuts so deep, into your flesh. You can feel it burn as it is driven deeper into your body. You writher on the floor as the shards continue to cut. And it howls outside, taking pride in the pain it has inflicted. Nothing you can do but suffer and die. For the pain has come to you, you have been chosen to suffer, for nothing, but ignorance alone. One last boom before it cam crashing in; pieces at your eyes shredding your mind as they cut deeper. Too late to learn, too early to die, you have been led to your grave but by not the devil, but by the majestic torrent outside. Now bow before your new master, kneel in the blood, cry out, for the next you shall see is the dead.

-- "Hurricane Window" - Ed Stal

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