-- Desultory

A cry from a Raven afar,
Tell me, can it be, who you are?
        In the winter night,
        Somewhat cold and bleak,
        Empty sky forever,
        A star shines so bright,
I'm guided by the black bird's call,
Walking on the winding path here,
Between trees that stand oh so tall,
The voice strengthens as I draw near.

Speaking with a sound so divine,
"I'm in a body that's not mine,
        Evil has fettered,
        All of my own kind,
        Black shackles encase us,
        Now long since weathered,
My feathers were a pleasant white,
Ne'er the evil was such outspoken,
A man could come and if he might,
Share a tale and the spell broken."

Still a little bit confounded,
And yet my voice now resounded,
        "A love that was lost,
        Her man gone to war,
        Unknown was he dead,
        Or lying in the frost,
I searched, for her love was so dear,
It was time and I in a race,
I noticed him as I drew near,
Returning him to her embrace."

And without another word done,
The effects of the spell undone,
        Black now to demise,
        Shatter on the ground,
        Shaking his head the
        White dove dose arise,
"I do thank thee for your kindness,
Believe the journey will be hard,
Go on in desultoriness,
Know you are not a wayward bard."

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