Riddle Of Tears by Aria

alone out there, is a another like you,
    so cold she cries tonight,
in the shadow, of a different world,
    so barren she weeps for you,

if you could see the tears in her eyes,
grab her hands and feel them tremble,
hold her close and sense the shivers,
brush back the hair to see the sorrow in her face,

dark and desparate, a feeling you share,
    so strange to be at a distance,
behind the light, a curtain of loss,
    so desolate the moon is lost,

if you could understand the fear in her heart,
know the isolation she feels inside,
follow for a moment her downward spiral,
touch the razor bed at the bottom,

apathy and sorrow, no need to care,
    so why go on living anymore,
pain and agony, riddle her life,
    so how could she be blamed,

if you could take the knife from her hand,
cut the noose hanging from her neck,
catch her as she falls off the cliff,
shelter her from the frost of humanity,

if you knew she'd die without you,
could you bear your life for a while longer?

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