It wasn't apparent to the edisA for the longest time that there were really two forms of death for them. The largely held notion of "dis" meant such a state where the physical body lost any function and was effectively lifeless. This however had no impact on the individual's "kedis". This section deals with however with "kdis", The Great Death, to learn more about "dis" see the section dis-qa.

kdis refers to the point at which an edisA's kedis ceases to be. This obviously refers only to the notion that the kedis can no longer be seen or interacted with by other edisA. One should quickly know that with the edisA it is very taboo to speak about kdis in a logical fashion. "kdis-tordis-estik-edisA-qit", many edisA want not to think about the great death. Yet since so little is known about dis-Emi-A there is no real fear towards it, and most generally don't care about it, as to many are unsure of how it happens anyways.

A moot point is that over the centuries dis-Emi-A has come to mean more than the event of kdis. Not wishing to actually acknowledge the kdis, dis-Emi-A transferred it's meaning to something more of a place than an event. Such that now dis-Emi-A actually refers to place where the kedis resides after kdis.

One should not compare dis-Emi-A to human's notion of a heaven, hell, or even the taoism te. To most of the edisA the dis-Emi-A corresponds more to the belief of no longer existing, such that once your kedis disappears from this world you simply cease to exist anymore. This notion developed over thousands of years simply because the idea of kdis was never apparent to the edisA (more on that in the "dis-qa" section). With the first rounds of warfare and fighting the kdis was noticed, and dis-Emi-A introduced, but not until long after was there any popular conception about dis-Emi-A being a true afterlife. That leaves us with the "q dis-Emi-A".

q dis-Emi-A

The title refers to the theories that have developed about the dis-Emi-A. Note to those interested, the use of the "q" without a complete sentence construction tends to refer to the theories about the object noted, in this case dis-Emi-A. Each of the more popularily held beliefs will be given a short description here, with the less than popular beliefs left to be described where they are held.


The truly bastardized word formation of eEmi refers to not-time, meaning there is no more time. It's truly uncertain what the followers of this though, referred to as eEmi-edA, actually believe dis-Emi-A holds. The quick overview is that time ceases to exist in this realm and that the kedis being intact here is irrelevant. If the kedis is intact then it can achieve everything it desires, but nothing at all, such as the passage of time is none, nothing can be achieved, but one has an eternity to keep trying. If the kedis is no longer intact it isn't noticed, since no time passes there isn't the opportunity for it to be noticed.

It you are confused then don't worry, many edisA find this explanation to be quite edist-enerm (without information). It isn't a wonder that the eEmi practice is often referred to as keEmi-kdestot-A (the great wasting of not very much time) and it's believers called eedA (the non people).

The concern for time by the eEmi-edA is little to none, for in the end it is irrelevant. To their edA-merg (coworkers) who have deadlines to meet this lack of appreciation for time causes many disturbances and "kmik edA-merg-A".


"The Deep Violet Death" is a very intriguing name for quite a simple belief of the kdis. ekglan is the color that can be seen in a nearby formation in space clearly visible at certain points in the year, and day. What happens is the kedis finally ventures to this realm of space to continue existance in a different capacity.

This would likely correspond closest to a human's notion of reincarnation. The ekglan-dis-edA believe that this new existance is wrought with similar problems of their current one, simply in a different form. One doesn't have eternal life or super powers or anything like that.

The theory extends to that many believe a similar occurance such as kedis occurs in ekglan, and that in the ekglan the world the edisA currently reside is seen as dis-Emi-A, to which one will eventually return. Some believe that the time spent in either realm is long enough to completely forget about the previously world, such that eternal existence is possible without total and utter boredom switching back and forth between known worlds. Others believe there is a huge chain of such ekglan that one travels through. Some think there are stepping stones in a great proving grounds, others think they are created by some grander entity in order to prevent the edisA from discovering and understanding the universe, and yet others believe they are just similar places of existance that some time in the ancient past signed an agreement to change kedis every so often.

Whatever the breed of ekglan-dis one follows they all still hold the common believe about travelling to this common place. One would however think that in the advent of space travel it could simply be verified what is in the ekglan. However, we'll leave that very interesting tale for another section.


And lest we come to the most common belief that kdis is just an extended form of dis from which nobody returns. There is no after-life (or after-death to be more correct) and there is no alternate world. The kdis-edA are usually acceptance of the non-radical egklan-edA simply becuase they don't see it doing any harm to them. However, their tolerance of the eedA is little, and to the kdis the eedA are really just "ketidist-A" (which in a weak translation says "Absolutely fucking stupid!", and since this is often so necessary to say to other humans here's a complete sentence referring to somebody you are speaking to "ketidist-A-yx").

Whether it be that these people don't believe in anything, believe in ceasing to exists, or just don't care, is not really relevant to the way they live their life. These are societies realists, firmly routed in the here and now, and they comprise the largest segement of the population in this respect -- at least publically.


This one is mentioned because it is really just funny, and is taken as such by it's truly kdis-edA followers. You'll have to discover for yourself what it means, as a hint the group of followers consists strictly of gA and kA.