20000904: I've reviewed this page and generally satisfied with its content: only a few minor changes have been made. It was originally written: 19971123

I'm edA-qa mort-ora-y, the edisA are my creation. The formation of this fictional race has been brewing in my mind for several years, but up until last year I wrote nothing of it. My motivation to start recording my thoughts and discovering the race came from my wish to create something truly unique. I have not been satisfied writing of things of mainly human origin -- these creations of mine are represented in my other pages found here. Those creations are interesting, and I am quite happy doing them, and without doubt I am far from reaching any point of mastery. However, I wish not for this introduction to become a simple exploration of my thoughts, rather than that of a true introduction to the edisA and the concept that is referred to in the domain name

The edisA are a race that exist on a planet, called edis-odisk-A, very much unlike our own. Their abilities, wishes, personalities, and existence is very much different from what we as humans understand. There is a wish I have to try and relate the world of the edisA to humans, but I have no desire to make all of it understandable. Some will be able to relate to much of what is described here, others will not, and still others will be aghast at some notion of humanity that they see in this area. Similarities with humanity are a result of many things, here are a few that I can think of at this moment:

  • I am human, thus my imagination is very much human in nature;
  • Things that survive in this universe have very similar traits for the sheer fact that they survive;
  • Any sentient being with a physical existence will undoubtedly share traits with humans;
  • and these documents are provided in English, giving a distinctive human bias to what I am actually trying to describe.

A note about the last point should be that I will be using native terms to describe many items, you should look at the section on language (ratorg-A) to get a short introduction to the language.

I am open to suggestions and comments at all times, and I will not be hesitant to explain things that don't make sense. This site will slowly grow as I age. As indicated with my long wait before getting it started, and yet another half year before writing this, I am not in a hurry to get complete. Indeed since this is an entire civilization there is no capacity for it to ever be complete.

I may come back to this page every so often and add new comments, sort of a running editorial. But for now enjoy what exists of my creation, dis-Emi-A.