yx-gra-zy (We welcome you)

Welcome to edis-odisk-A the world of the edisA, a distant world occupied by a civilization very different from our own. The people on this planet are not humanoid, and share very few similarities with human beings. These sections of the dis-Emi-A web site will look into the existence of the edisA.

edisA: Introduction
Introduction to the edisA.
edisA: ratorg-A
Study the language of the edisA. Learn how they communicate with each other and discover the origin of words. It is essential to have a basic understanding of the language to fully understand the rest of the storires on these pages. Although they are written in English, many things have no translation, and understanding some basic morphemes, letters, and affixes help a great deal.
edisA: stedis-edisA
What do this people believe? How do they live their life? What festivals and rituals do they partake in?
Descriptions of the home world including the terrain and the creatures.
Emi-A (The Eras)
A view of the civilization over the course of their existence. Shows the delineation of ages, progression of technology and culture, and provides a base for further details.