The designation of eras is such that the completion of each era represents a fundamental change in the civilization. The details on the eras are sparse, and it is rather the tales of the kEmi (Ages) where the understanding of the civilization can be seen. Emi-A is an post-applied view of the civilization, the kEmi were applied by the edisA themselves.

Emi-A owla (First Era)

Before this era there is no history to the edisA. It is within this era that the edisA arrive in their world, a time of initial discovery, oberservation, and the primary technology: language.

meedA-kEmi (Age of Infancy)
The first Age of the edisA. These first moments had the edisA rife with confusion. As they begin to relax a fear overcomes them, a fear of the world in which they live. By the end of this age they've overcome their fear and have a basic confidence of living in this world.
edist-gora-kEmi (Age of Understanding)
The second age of the edisA. From the basic needs of life came the foundations of civilization, and the establishment of community. During this time a primitive language was born and evolved to the nearly modern form by the end of the age. Much of this time was spent observing their world and trying to understand it.

Emi-A owle (Second Era)

The second era begins with the primary departure from the initial home of the edisA. It covers the exploration of edis-odisk-A (their homeworld) , including the subsequent periods of construction. This era seques to the next as the first vessels leave the confines of the planet.

lox-kEmi (First Age of Exploration)
The third age of the edisA. A shortage of sustinance in their cavernous homes requires the edisA to venture outside. The community splits in two and each pursue their own course of exploration.
bora-kEmi (First Age Of Construction)
The fourth age of the edisA. After one half of the original community discovers a suitable home they start to construct a permanent settlement. This begins in an expansion period where many primitive settlements are built near the original one.
bera-bora-kEmi (First Age Of Technology)
The fifth age of the edisA. As the expansion period continues, the basic construction grows into a minor advance of the technology at the beginning of this period. As time progresses, and as abilities and desires increase, the technology reaches a critical point where departure from the homeworld is possible.

Emi-A owlo (Third Era)

As this era begins the edisA have just started their exploration of space. The progressions shown here exhibit a slow mastery of the physical universe in which they live. It includes an explosive growth rate in population and consequent problems of that. The completion of this era comes abruptly to interrupt the appearing mastery of the fabric of the universe.

klox-kEmi (Second Age Of Exploration)
The sixth age of the edisA. Unlike the first Age of Exploration, the voyages undertaken this time were driven mainly by interest, and not by a fundamental need. Minor settlements off of the homeworld were constructed during this time, but most of the activites were searching and observing the portion of the universe available to them.
kbora-kEmi (The Second Age of Construction)
The seventh age of the edisA. After gaining a sufficient knowledge of the world beyond their planet, the ability to colonize other planets was developed. The edisA started with a few settlements but then the colonization effort took full force and saw the occupation of hundreds of worlds in relatively short time.
kbera-kbora-kemi (The Second Age Of Technology)
The eigth age of the edisA. As the civilization expanded further, so did their understanding of the universe. The ability to exploit the fundamental forces of the universe allowed greater exploration and colonization. As time continued this new technology matured into an ability to alter the very core of physical reality.

Emi-A owlu (Forth Era)

This is the final era of this civilization. Unfolding along with the final advance in technology is a trend of chaos. The foundation of civlization is upturned and ultimately reduced to memories.

kdist-kEmi (The Age of Chaos)
The ninth age of the edisA. With the advent of extreme technology came dire consequences. Spirituality, and fundamental notions of existence, began to fall apart. A panic was born and quickly spread to much of the civilization.
destot-key-dis-blon-kEmi (The Age of Descent)
The tenth and final age of the edisA. No calm returned to the edisA, and quickly the panic grew to chaos, and then to insanity. World after world fell to destructive acts. A spiralling descent ultimately brings a complete collapse to the civilization and an extinction to the edisA race.