Mortiis, Crypt Of The Wizard

Dark Dungeon Music

Mortiis is one of the heavily classicaly influence bands, and indeed the resulting music would by many just be considered by classical. You often feel as though you are listening to the score for an on-stage epic production, likely one based long ago on legend or mythology. With that said you won't find instruments in Mortiis that are outside the spectrum of what a typical symphony orchestra would use -- of course it is unlikely that Mortiis actually used anything other than a keyboard, but that is beside the point. The melodies are arranged to be simple and melodic, and where more than just one instrument and percussion comes into play the atmosphere is maintained with appropriate harmony. All of course which tells a story without the aid of any vocals.

Mortiis is by far one of the most recognized names in the set of dark genres, and is also one of the most likely canditates to introduce many listeners to the genre, those coming from a popular music / classical background at least.

Words from Mortiis

What does the term dark music mean to you?

That's sort of a difficult question to answer, seeing that my idea of dark music has changed quite a lot since I started making music. In the beginning dark music was, to me, music that was "evil" and "unpleasant" and stuff like that, and in a way I still think so. But now I feel that there is more to the term "dark" than the above. For example, a very sad and emotional song can be dark too. For those feelings that the song may create, are, in a way, dark feelings too. So I suppose what is dark and what isn't dark is up to the individual and hir or her's personality.

How did you get into creating dark music?

I don't know, really. All my life I have been looking for the most extreme types of music, until I found it. Then there was nothing beyond that. I think that at that point I started getting into music that was going in totally different directions, but still appealed to me a lot. That's how I got into "dark" music in the first place. After a while I started making "dark" music myself.

Is the music a reflection of your life?

I suppose it is. Mortiis is a concept and as a whole is a reflection of my soul / spirit. And after all, that is what we all essentially are. So yes, Mortiis is definately a reflection of my life.

What do you hope to achieve with the music?

I don't really know. As far as fortune and fame and all the materialistic things go, I'd love to go all the way, but I don't think that the imagery within Mortiis is that appealing to a lot of people. I think that for now I'm happy as long as I can release records and see them sell somewhat good.
Naturally I need not say that Mortiis is also the hunter of souls. Harr! Harr!

Where do you see your music progressing to?

On "The Stargate" I discovered that I had brought in some "sub-industrial" elements. That worked very well with the rest of the music. The way it seems to be going now is in a slightly more copmlex song writing. The songs are still very simple, but the overall sound is more complex now than it was before. This is because I have gotten better equipment since earlier, and also a more fixed idea as to how things shoul turn out and sound like. Still, a song never turns out quite the way I imagined it from the beginning, but that's the charm of it as far as I'm concerned.

Note: The new album "The Stargate" should be available for soon and we'll be sure to have a review of it.