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Gippy Tummy


(c)(p)1997 TummyTone Records

Review by Neil St.Laurent

Thanks to be band for the cassette

Occassionally one might have the urge to put away the extreme music and pick up something a little easier on the speakers. One such choice would be Gippy Tummy, with a sound that is somewhat similar to a variety of classic 80's metal, which we all know better now and simply call hard rock.

This four song recording provides a decent sampling (I can really only assume this) of what the band Gippy Tummy has to offer. "Pull" starts out with the song "Tricky Dive" that dabbles in the lighter and alternative sides of hard music, whilst maintaining a basic guitar driven melody. The moderate pace of the music continues into "Bought My Cigar" with the added benefit of a stronger bass track that is heard clearly within the music. Place on top of it are the often poorly mixed vocals of "G. Org", which are incidentally of the clean to non-intense shouting style (standard alternative).

"Pull" is very much like what your local heavy alternative band would sound like if they did a demo. While the recording doesn't hold any brilliant elements, the quality of the recording and listenable sound shouldn't be overly downplayed. Although a nicer production would be desired "Pull" is an all around enjoyable recording without any intrinsic musical flaws.

Gippy Tummy is:
Tommy Ache - Guitar
G. Org - Vocals / Guitar
Edward Pants, Esq. - Bass
Stick O'liscious - Drums

Gippy Tummy
PO Box 506
Don Mills, Ontario M3C 2T4

Email: cryptik@interlog.com
Web: http://www.interlog.com/~cryptik/

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