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  1. Arcana ... Orchestral synth work and sublime choir arrangements
  2. Behemoth ... A VERY tasty preview of what to expect from Behemoth's next effort
  3. Bishop of Hexen ... I'd venture to call it dark ballroom.
  4. Devourment ... It's these guys' first effort and a damn good one at that
  5. Die Krupps ... The guitar sound of Die Krupps is both unique and incredibly heavy
  6. Dimmu Borgir ... Melodic with a strong keyboard influence
  7. Eternal Suffering ... One can never get enough raw brutal death metal
  8. Fear Factory ... interesting and work[s] well with the concept of the album
  9. Filthboy ... bit of atmosphere allow[s] me to use the term Gothic Industrial
  10. Gomorra ... the true emotional feel comes from the subtle atmosphere created by the interlacing of the various sounds
  11. Hate Machine ... provides a change by not actually making any changes
  12. Hell-Born ... early Morbid Angel-style death/war metal
  13. Lord Kaos ... drawing on influences from such genre luminaries as Emperor
  14. Megadeth ... This album represents a progression from "Youthanasia"
  15. Nile ... Nile plays some amazingly nice and fast death metal
  16. Osmose ... This seems to be a case of quantity which mostly lacks quality
  17. Sadistik Execution ... DEATH FUCKING METAL!!! FUCKING SHIT!
  18. Skullcrusher ... Some solid riffs and aggressive music
  19. Tulus ... Thirty-one minutes of twisted genius
  20. Urgehal ... mating of Behemoth's relentless brutality with Hellhammer/early-Celtic-Frost
  21. Vitamin F ... Vitamin F delivers a slightly alternative feeling metal

Tracks Of Creation Issue #12 (August / September July 1997)
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