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Reborn into the Nevermore

Gomorra, 1996

Review by Neil StLaurent

Thanks to Gomorra for the CD

Obviously wishing to distance themselves from standard metal fare, Gomorra claims to be more of an atmospheric rock album. While I wouldn't go as far as to say it's rock, as stated in their promo, they are quite justified in not considering themselves death metal. A rough comparison of sorts would be to say this may be what would have happened if Glenn Danzig (in his Danzig 3 days) did an album with Orphaned Land.

As with all true atmospheric music, this album is opened up with a somewhat interesting instrumental. I don't want to diminish its effect, but it's just that there as are so many of these... One would have to do something quite amazing to get a better comment from me. Leaving the intro, we are greeted with music that is really not definable clearly by genre names. Let's get the fine details out of the way first:

There are some interesting signatures in the music. Both the lead and ryhthm guitars present very simple yet effective riffs. The vocals are generally clean, ranging from an old Danzig style to an almost spoken-word sound to a slightly darker and harsher delivery.

Among the many songs here, we often see a very intricate and complex song structure. This structure creates an incredibly interesting sound that will leave you listening over and over just to try and sort it all out. While some atmosphere is created with a keyboard, the true emotional feel comes from the subtle atmosphere created by the interlacing of the various sounds. The combinations of intensity, aggression, peacefulness, harmony and melody makes for some very unique music.

Given a better production team Gomorra would easily be able to pull off truly excellent music. This, their first CD, is done extremely well. Having both a strong emotional and technical content, the true diversity of the music will continue to keep you enthralled and wanting more. The only problem is that it was technically done in 1996, meaning it won't be able to get mention in the Best of 1997 lists...

Gomorra is:
Jorg Jungbluth - Guitar
Kai Albers - Bass
Stephan Beiter - Guitar
Sven Kebler - Vocals
Ralf Gottlieb - Drums