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Diverse Reality

(c) 1997 Filthboy, (p) Putrid Mind Music

Review by Neil StLaurent

Thanks to Filthboy for the CD

Every so often I get the opportunity to listen to something that isn't extreme metal or completely underground in nature. This time the pleasure comes to me from a band called Filthboy. Upon seeing the CD cover (some weird artwork of a man with machines on either side of him and guns pointed at his head(s)) I supsected this would be very industrial in nature, and I wasn't incorrect.

Filthboy are coming from that area of industrial that decided it was alright to have some guitars and melody every so often. Not to sell the genre short they have plenty of the banging and clanking that to some defines Industrial. The music has a very strong edge to it; the riffs are strong and complete. Nothing fades in or out, always coming and leaving with a bang. Songs are structured as to provide plenty of variety in the music, and there is definitely a lot of that in this album. Slower segments that contain a bit of atmosphere allow me to use the term gothic industrial -- if you understand my meaning then you can probably guess what the music sounds like, but if you can't then I likely can't describe it to you.

Generally, the distorted vocals (along with almost everything else being distorted or synthed) and the harsh lyrics (combined with one of my favorite Hellraiser quotes) lends a very punk/hardcore emotional feel to the album.

The album is good enough to be put up alongside other possible mainstream bands that have a similiar sound. This is good in the sense that Filthboy is a very strong and solid band with a viable sound. So while more good things should be said, the strongest aspect of the album is that it's a high quality solid performance that will likely find its way back into my CD player many times.

BTW, these guys have strange fascinations -- inside of the CD is a baby with a gun to his head -- last line of lyrics in insert "If there's one thing to you I devote it's my hands around your lifeless throat".

Filthboy is:
Kevin Sebastian
Buzzy Beck
Scott Lewis

1616 McFarland Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA, 15216