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Eternal Suffering

Remain Forever in Mysery (c) (p) 1997

Review by Neil StLaurent

Thanks to Eternal Suffering for the CD

One can never get enough raw brutal death metal -- except maybe those guys in the next apartment trying to sleep at two in the morning.

Eternal Suffering have chosen an appropriate name for their band. They are playing very much to that publically neglecting form of music that pleases so many people: The excessive low end, from both the bass and that guitar tuned so low it might as well be a bass at times, gives a very strong emotional content to the CD. Unlike many others in the genre, they have strong technique; the riffs are diverse and the music doesn't come out sounding like one stream of flowing noise. Glover does an amazing job on bass, both keeping the flow of the song and maintaining a high enough profile to have his syylings heard amidst the onslaught.

Credit must be given to the band for their willingness to try a variety of things and combine various styles. Little bits from Cianide, Suffocation, and Cannibal Corpse can be heard throughout, yet all with an original delivery and diversity which gives Eternal Suffering their own identity.

Definitely a quality band with something strong to offer the death metal scene. They have managed to do some progression within the genre while still keeping in mind the old school teachings. Eternal Suffering is a band worth checking out.

Eternal Suffering is: Wayne Sarantopoulos - Vocals Brian Evans - Guitars Chad Connell - Drums Chris Glover - Fretless Bass

Contact: Eternal Suffering C/O Wayne 8 Off 2nd Brook St. Kingston, MA 02364 USA