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IN-CESS Underground

Review by Ryan Rupert

To start off, the packaging is your standard demo-quality, copier machine print out of a drawing with the band members' names and whom they thank on it, but its still very good for a first demo.

As soon as the music starts though, you'll realize you should never judge a book by it's cover! Sure it has the usual demo pitfalls, such as muddy-sounding guitars and a volume level that will make you have to turn the knob all the way up, but who cares? Its these guys' first effort and a damn good one at that! Another thing you'll notice about this band is that their lead vocalist, Wayne, has THE lowest, most inhuman, phlegm-induced, gut-wrenching voice that I personally have ever heard! I think you will agree.

The rest of the band does a wonderful job too. Brian on guitar and bass sounds like a huge, raging, diesel engine and I honestly can't believe this band doesn't have a drum machine because I've never heard faster drumming than on the second song of the demo, Festering Vomitous Mass.

The only thing I could find wrong was the length of the demo (2 tracks), but I guess we'll have to live with that until they come out with some more material. To end I'd just like to thank all of Devourment for keeping the underground alive! Keep up the good work guys, stay brutal!

Devourment Is:
Brain- Guitar & Bass
Brad Fincher- Drum Blasts
Wayne Knupp- Rancid Gurgletations (no understatement there!!)

To get your own copy of Devourment's demo:
Send a S.A.S.E. with $4 (postage paid) to:
IN-CESS Underground
P.O. Box 720996
Dallas, TX 75372 USA
*(Make checks payable to Paul Hebert)*
Or Call: (214) 750-0666

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