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Bewitching the Pomerania

Solistitum Records, 1997

Review by Brett Benzie

How I've waited, salivated, for this EP. Interviews with the band, since the awesome "Grom" was released, have hinted at a much more malicious sounding Behemoth, and this EP is proof. Those who were clever enough to invest in "Grom", Behemoth's last album, will have all noticed how much Nergal & Co have progressed since their earlier albums. "Bewitching The Pomerania", takes that progression another step further... All traces of that clumsy folk music that peppered "Grom" have disappeared, replaced with tight, full-on Black Metal.

The keyboards are still there, as is that ethereal riffing (courtesy of Nergal), but its much more composed than before. During the opening track, the keyboards are of Emperor quality, but at the same time, don't overtake the rest of the song.

Of the proffered tracks, you'll notice that the second and third tracks are from ealier Behemoth releases, re-recorded to highlight the progression the band has made since they were first recorded. The extent of that progression is nothing short of remarkable. "Hidden In Fog" is lifted from the album "Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)", and really highlights the difference bassist Les has made to the band's sound. (On the original version, Nergal played bass too).

The third track was taken from the "And The Forest Dreams Eternally" EP, and sounds much better this time round, with the vastly improved drumming of "Inferno", who I can only presume is Baal Ravenlock. I've not heard anything about him being ejected from the band, and based on his excellent performance on "Grom", it's quite unthinkable.

A VERY tasty preview of what to expect from Behemoth's next effort.